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Reef Blueprint is 100% U.S.-made in our private, climate-controlled facility.
Our formulations are extensively tested and proven in commercial coral aquaculture to improve coloration, growth rates, and robustness of corals.
We utilize clean components (generally exceeding 99.50% purity) to produce highly-concentrated solutions and dry blends, without any artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, or pH-modifiers.

The result is a cleaner system with noticeably healthier livestock.

How to apply
Reef Blueprint
in your reef
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Sea Salt Blends
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

Engineered sea salt, formulated and produced to be the best. No contract packaging, no bean counters dictating cost-saving measures, no errors in production.

  • >99.5% ionic consistency in every gallon made.

  • Mixes clear in minutes with no residue, to the correct salinity for the volume stated.

  • All critical minor and trace elements present in correct concentrations.

Formul8 Reef - Enhanced Mg, Ca, K, Sr. S=35.4 ppt.

Formul8 ASW - Open Ocean Ionic Values. S=35.2 ppt.

Formul8 RSW - Ionic Values of the Red Sea. S=40.0 ppt.

Major Elements
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

Boron - Isol8 B (44,500 ppm B)

Bromide - Isol8 Br (100,000 ppm Br)

Calcium - Isol8 Ca (150,250 ppm Ca)

                Isol8 Ca(OH)2 (Kalkwasser)

Fluoride - Isol8 F (10,000 ppm F)

Magnesium - Isol8 Mg (100,000 ppm Mg)

                      Isol8 MgSO4

Potassium - Isol8 K (100,000 ppm K)

Silicon - Isol8 Si (10,000 ppm Si)

Nutrient Management
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

Biological Inoculation - Inocul8

Biological Maintenance - Remedi8

Rapid Ammonia Reduction - Elimin8 DIN

Carbon - aCtiv8 (dry organic carbon blend)

Nitrate - Nitr8 (100,000 ppm nitrate sol'n)

Phosphate - Phosph8 (50,000 ppm phosphate sol'n)

pH and Alkalinity
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

If your reef is suffering from grossly-elevated concentrations of aluminum, cesium, lead, thallium, or uranium, then it might be time to make the switch to higher-purity buffers (and higher-purity sea salt).


Kalkwasser - Isol8 Ca(OH)2 (dubbed "crackwasser")

Dry Buffer Blend - Carbon8 s

Buffer Sol'n for systems with normal pH range of ~8.20 - 8.40 - Carbon8 aq 8.35

Buffer Sol'n for systems with chronic depressed pH values - Carbon8 aq 9.20

Minor and Trace Elements
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

Isol8 MT (Co, Cu, I, Fe, Mn, Mo, Ni, Se, V, Zn; Minor and Trace Element blend for general reef husbandry and improving performance of all algae turf scrubbers)

Isol8 Triad and Hexad

Chromium - Isol8 Cr (1,000 ppm Cr)

Cobalt - Isol8 Co (1,000 ppm Co)

Copper - Isol8 Cu (60,560 ppm Cu)

Iodide - Isol8 I (100,000 ppm I as iodide (no iodine))

Iron - Isol8 Fe (10,000 ppm Fe)

Manganese - Isol8 Mn (1,000 ppm Mn)

Molybdenum - Isol8 Mo (10,000 ppm Mo)

Nickel - Isol8 Ni (1,000 ppm Ni)

Rubidium - Isol8 Rb (10,000 ppm Rb)

Selenium - Isol8 Se (250 ppm Se)

Vanadium - Isol8 V (1,000 ppm V)

Zinc - Isol8 Zn (1,000 ppm Zn)

Coral Growth Enhancement
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

Rapid Growth and Coloration - Propag8 (dry blend of amino acids immunostimulants)

Improved Resistance to Coral Predation - Anticip8

Feeds and Feed Enhancements
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

0.20 - 2.00-micron Dry Blend for Corals, Bivalves, Sponges, Tunicates, and other Suspension-feeders - Invigor8 Reef

≤800-micron Dry Blend for Corals, Bivalves, Sponges, Tunicates, and other Suspension-feeders - Integr8 Reef

>1,500-micron Dry Blend for Planktivorous Fishes, Anemones, MPS/LPS Corals - Integr8 Planktivore

Omega-3/6 and Amino Acids - NEMO+AA (Nano-emulsified marine oils plus amino acids)

Garlic Extract (≥99.9%) - Garlic100

Kalkwasser Method
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

Enter descriptive text here.

Isol8 Ca(OH)2

Carbon8 s

Isol8 Mg

Isol8 K

Isol8 Sr

Isol8 MT

3-part Method
ACI_4315 crop.jpg

Enter descriptive text here.

Coral8 Yin

Coral8 Yang

Isol8 MT

Calculate the impact of Isol8 Ca(OH)2 solution ("kalkwasser") on calcium and alkalinity in your system

If you're currently employing our Isol8 Ca(OH)2 to produce kalkwasser solution for system dosing and would like to know the extent to which it's helping maintain calcium and alkalinity values, then please download our calculator.

Need help applying ICP results to your system?

You have had an ICP analysis performed on your system, but how do you assess the results and then accurately apply the tools at your disposal to make necessary adjustments to critical ionic values?  Simple: download our ICP tool and enter the results.  Dosing recommendations are automatically calculated.  Feel free to email us the saved file if you have questions or would like a more thorough review of the analysis as it pertains to system husbandry.

Be prepared for hurricane season and extended interruptions to power and clean water with Elimin8 DIN

Hurricane season is now in full gear, and with it comes an increased likelihood that interruptions in power and water will occur.  The extent to which a system can tolerate an interruption is largely influenced by the rate of nutrient accretion and the BOD.  Reduced nitrogen conversion rates are typical during an extended power outage, potentially resulting in a rise in ammonia which may have lethal consequences on cohort members.

Elimin8 DIN is a microbial suspension which can reduce ammonia content by up to 50% of the initial concentration within a 24-hour span.  Application of Elimin8 DIN ("Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen") on a gradual basis during an extended power interruption can help maintain biological integrity in the system, and can mitigate losses to valuable cohort members.  Elimin8 DIN does not require refrigeration.

From the CSO: Notice of Non-Price Increase

Click here to read.

The last time that your reef inhabitants were in water this perfect, they were in the ocean.

It all starts with the water.  Accuracy + Consistency = Reliability≥99.5% ionic repeatability, regardless of volume prepared.  Pre-testing newly-mixed salt water to check values of critical parameters is unnecessary.  Mixes clear in minutes.  No heat.  No residue.  No errors.  Formulated and blended entirely in the USA by Captiv8 Aquaculture.


The system shown in the video above is one of six maintained at ACI Aquaculture with water prepared with Formul8 Engineered Sea Salt.  On average, these systems collectively house ≥15,000 coral colonies of varying sizes.  Formul8 blends mix gin-clear in less than 5 minutes (moderate mixing rate), generate no heat, do not deposit residue in mixing vessels, and feature consistency of ≥99.5% between containers.  Components are tested to ensure quality and purity for each batch prepared.  Blends are produced entirely in-house, not outsourced.  Each container mixes to the stated salinity for the stated volume of water to be prepared. We take the care of captive marine organisms incredibly seriously, because it's our opinion that many of these organisms will fade from nature due to climate change.  Formul8 blends provide a sound, proven seawater medium for those who share our passion and outlook.  Need a custom salt blend?  No problem.  Contact us.

We stand 100% in support of Ukraine

With deep European family ancestry (including Finn, Czech, British, and German), our hearts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine as they fight for their homes and very existence against the onslaught of Russian barbarism.  It is clear through their actions against Ukraine that Russian leadership has lost whatever sense they once may have had.  Effective immediately, Captiv8 Aquaculture will begin to replace any materials which originate in China utilized in our products; this decision is made as a result of China's obvious indifference in this situation, given their transparent intention to occupy Taiwan in a similar vein.  Additionally, we are banning export of our products to Russia, Belarus, China, and countries whose leadership is in apparent support of Russia's attack on Ukraine.  Beginning March 4, a percentage of all sales, and $2 USD per sample request, will be donated to organizations supporting Ukraine.  This donation policy will remain in place until this crisis is brought to a close.

Let us give you a sample!

Try 5 g samples of Integr8 Reef, Inocul8, and Propag8 on us!  Collectively, this formula grouping improves feeding response, coloration, cell generation rate, and robustness of corals and other suspension-feeding invertebrates, and facilitates the conversion, and therefore the reduction, of organic and inorganic waste material into living tissue.

Limit one round of samples per household per year, available within the United States, only.  Offer may be rescinded at any time due to material availability.

Contact us to order your samples.

Time-lapse feeding response: Integr8 Reef

The videos above show typical feeding responses in corals which have had a suspension of Integr8 Reef introduced upstream of their location (not directly squirted); the response generally occurs within 60 s of the coral detecting the presence of Integr8 Reef, however it's not uncommon for this response to occur within 5 s of introduction. Free of preservatives, pH and color modifiers, Artemis cysts, and terrestrial components, Integr8 Reef utilizes specific major and minor constituents to improve color intensity, robustness, and growth rates of consuming organisms. 

Interested in additional videos?

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